My long-running series of sculptures entitled Open Forms are depictions of provocative architectural abstractions that play with tension between solid and negative spaces while simultaneously creating an illusion of defying gravity; the pieces appear to displace weight and push volume.

The interior of these forms vacillate between full and empty while a fluid, hand-carved grid of lines wrap their way around the exterior of the object. Paradoxical components create a delicate balance of opposing forces that squeeze and push their way in a symbolic explosion of elements forced to harmonize and coexist in synergy. The final sculpture is calm and content, giving the viewer a breath of ethereality embodied within each piece.

Built up and cut away, a solid slab of clay becomes an arrangement of repetitive spaces that resemble lace, a complex exoskeleton, or scaffolding of the original form. The act of removing clay in my hand building is just as integral to the building up of the complex constructions to achieve their final composition. Light filters onto carved edges and defines shadows and lines.

Engobes and under glazes are applied to the clay’s surface at a variety of stages-- before or after the bisque firing.  Surface color enhances the mood and compliments the curves and folds, treating the eye to a painterly palette of soft and weathered hues layered over one another.

My work is a constant exploration of biomorphic structures in nature and translated into the clay forms you see here. In both my Open Form and Dotted Vessel series, I choose either a patina or deliberate pattern, which serve as a contemplative connection between the piece and its audience. 

Creating objects of reverence and rich visual tactile complexity continually inspires me and provides a powerful sense of purpose to my work.